Friday, February 24, 2012

Current Doings

I have been doing a lot of this:

I have also been using my drop spindle.  I really enjoy both, not sure which I like better. I mentioned my new Russian Spindle in my last post.  The technique is different from the drop spindle.  I watched some really good videos on using a supported spindle on YouTube, just do a search on the term "support spindle" and you will find some good ones.  But after doing that for a while my fingers started bothering me so I had to give that up, I will try it again, but not a marathon of it like I had done. Using a drop spindle is not hard on the fingers as I found support spindling to be.  But still, I really love the support spindle too.
I also wanted to share a picture of this really beautiful pattern called "Belt Welt" found in the Barbara Walker Second Treasury of Knit Patterns.  I made this blue shawl a few years ago, but recently was thinking of starting a new project with it.  It is a lovely pattern and very easy to memorize.
Blessings All.

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