Monday, July 20, 2009

Thrifted Fabric

These are some of my favorite fabrics I found at the local thrift store. They are being used in various quilt blocks. The top floral is my absolute favorite, I am crazy about that fabric. I have about 1/2 yard of it altogether.

Another distraction, but worth it.

Just a little something I got sidetracked into. But these tiny projects give a great sense of having accomplished something. Have made several other fabric postcards in the past week. I used very stiff artist canvas as the middle instead of cardstock.
The background was left over from some quilt I made a while back, then I put the little houses on top of that.


Will I ever get back to this Na Craga? Its been months since I worked on it. It is an experiment using different brown yarns. I love cable knitting, I find it very relaxing to work cables.

Creative Disorder

My old sewing room, before I had to dismantle it temporarily. I am sewing on the dining room table for the time being.

String Quilt with Triangles

This is a string quilt I made a while back that I am very pleased with. I heavily starched some fabric and laid the strips across my 12 inch square up ruler until they covered it, then sewed them together. There was no foundation used. When I got a bunch made, I put them together with some large squares and cut them into large half square triangles. Wound up with twice as many blocks to use!