Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ten Years Later

Here is my first attempt after ten years or so of the wheel just being an expensive decoration. I totally gave up on the craft store roving, and drove up to this wonderful place about one hour north of me. Brenda at Rising Fawn Fibers really helped me understand the mechanics of the wheel tension and how important it is. I bought some great roving from her (Finn Sheep). I am going to knit something with this, will post a picture of how it turns out.

I know it is overtwisted with thick and thin places, but at least I got somewhere. This ball is from a full bobbin. Don't know how many yards it is.

I am working on a second bobbin from the same roving and it is turning out much better.


Peggy said...

Susan, So glad to hear you are spinning again!!!! Isn't wonderful? I think you are like me, I have difficulty finding the time to spin, knit, sew, cook, just doing all the things I love to do. Not to mention family and church time. It is an adventure!!!! I'm looking forward to visiting your blog often. :) And I'm linking you blog to mine. Thanks!!!!

Pixie said...

It looks great! WAHOO!

Susan in N. GA said...

I have greatly improved since this, will put a photo on in a new post of my progress in spinning. Hope you will get back to doing your podcasts!