Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brings Back Memories

I found this site from another blogger. You can make these cards by filling in the form on the site, then you are given an image you can save to your computer to insert into posts, etc.
I wasn't sure what I was doing, but this is the result. If you fill in something where it says "scribble" you get the handwriting on it too.
I thought this was great because I have so many memories of when libraries actually used these. I hope some of you agree with me that it was much better in those days. So much easier to find something you were looking for. To make your own, go here.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ten Years Later

Here is my first attempt after ten years or so of the wheel just being an expensive decoration. I totally gave up on the craft store roving, and drove up to this wonderful place about one hour north of me. Brenda at Rising Fawn Fibers really helped me understand the mechanics of the wheel tension and how important it is. I bought some great roving from her (Finn Sheep). I am going to knit something with this, will post a picture of how it turns out.

I know it is overtwisted with thick and thin places, but at least I got somewhere. This ball is from a full bobbin. Don't know how many yards it is.

I am working on a second bobbin from the same roving and it is turning out much better.

Is This Yarn ??

My first attempt at using a drop spindle. Do you think this qualifies as yarn? Well, at least it resembles it. The part wound around the spindle has some twist to it even though the tail end doesn't look like it in this picture.

I used a craft store roving out of desperation, which I would not recommend after this experience. I have a whole box of roving in the attic, but of course couldn't find it, and I got impatient, therefore the craft roving.

I made the spindle myself (a toy wheel, dowel, and cup hook). It spins very well. I am better at the top whirl, I think.

I find it easier to spin the dowel off of my thigh rather than trying to spin a bottom whirl spindle with a flick of my fingers.