Monday, September 18, 2006

Old Shale Baby Blanket

"Old Shale" is another very easy lace pattern that becomes almost mindless, also called "Feather and Fan". This yarn is an inexpensive Red Heart worsted weight varigated. This is a very well known old standby pattern. There are many free patterns on the web for it in variations. I like it because only one row in each 4 row repeat is a little complicated, the rest are just purl and knit. Even the harder row becomes easy, making it an easy take along project. I used sized 9 knitting needles. This will be a charity baby blanket, or else a gift for someone. I like the subtle colors.


Calisews said...

I love this baby blanket. There has to be a crochet version of it somewhere.

By the way, thanks for the compliments on my blog. I love your site and have added you to my favorites as well. I don't have a public blog list, but am really thinking about making one.


Susan said...

Feather and Fan blanket is lovely!