Friday, July 26, 2013

Catching Up on Cables

After almost of year of my knitting being in suspended animation, I have recently gotten back into my needlework, partly due to finding a very good knitting video cast called Sittin and Knittin with Dianna.  She has inspired me to take up my needles again in a big way, I am back to my ongoing syndrome of "start-itis".  I just love starting new patterns, but my Celtic Dreams aran sweater is an old one.  I was on the sleeves and had to rip back to figure out where I was.
This is a great pattern, but I found I did not like doing the sleeves in the round because I had to constanly turn the whole sweater, so I decided to not connect the sleeves as the pattern calls for, but am knitting them back and forth and then will just seam them up.  This yarn is Patons Classic Wool, "Plum Heather".  Its gorgeous and good to work with.

Long Hiatus

I can't believe it has been a year since I posted.  The explanation is that this is what I have been doing---

Last Aug.  I started collecting and growing African Violets and it has been my main interest since then, but I recently got back into my needlework and will posts some updates on that.  The top plant is called Optimara Little Ottawa Girl, a semi-miniature that never stops blooming, and the bottom plant is called Golden Rubies, a large plant with ruffled foliage.  My knitting friend Tricia gave me Golden Rubies which is one reason I got so interested in named collector's varieties.