Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brings Back Memories

I found this site from another blogger. You can make these cards by filling in the form on the site, then you are given an image you can save to your computer to insert into posts, etc.
I wasn't sure what I was doing, but this is the result. If you fill in something where it says "scribble" you get the handwriting on it too.
I thought this was great because I have so many memories of when libraries actually used these. I hope some of you agree with me that it was much better in those days. So much easier to find something you were looking for. To make your own, go here.


Kathy R said...

Hi Susan,
I just found your blog via a post on an older Outline,stitch,embrodery and history digest. Just wanted to thank you for the library card link, I've bookmarked the site and plan to use it often. I'd still like to have the old card catalogues for searching instead of the computer searches. Your blog is nicely done. I hope you are enjoying your spinning, I've been spinning for about two years now and enjoy it very much. You did a gorgeous job with the vintage quilt blocks.

Thanks for such an enjoyable read and look-see Susan. I'll check your blog often for updates.

Kathy R

Susan in N. GA said...

Thank you Kathy, I really appreciate your comment.