Saturday, July 30, 2011

Singer Treadle Machine

Last week I found a wonderful Singer model 15-30 treadle machine.  This is my first one.  I got it for a really great price and she works great too.  With just a little oiling and cleaning I was able to start sewing. I had a little learning curve, but soon got the treadling part down okay.  Maybe being a wheel spinner helped with that because I found myself treadling and sewing without even thinking about it.  I made some blocks out of some scraps to start with, just some wonky houses and random piecing.
These are "Before" pictures.  I have since gotten the bobbin slide cover and the belt too.  A good site for ordering parts is:

I thought I would paint the iron part black, but after oiling it the dark color came back, so I think I will leave it that way.  I have some minor refinishing on the cabinet to do, but nothing difficult.


Nonnie said...

Hey Susan,
I thought I would come and take a peek at your blog... I added you to my google reader. Love the Singer... now that was a machine that could so nice. I think I am jealous but hubby says no more sewing machines in the house, cause he says he trips over them.... HOW that can happen I do not know as they are all in carriers or on a table. I love the cabinet.

Keep up the great quilting .. You are so brave to do your own quilting... I keep saying I am going to learn but so far not.

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Sherrye said...

Hi Susan,

I added you to my blog list a long time ago, but don't remember if I told you I started a blog, too. It is if you might be interested. Seems a little easier than the "Scraps and Strings", although I do love hearing from everyone there.